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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Preparing my son's Prom Night garb was one of the most difficult part of this lifetime subject I am enrolled in- MOTHERHOOD. I am learning everyday and trying my best each waking morning to pass each test, answer each question with all the love and caring in the world.

 I never thought his Prom night would stir so many emotions in me that made me cry and laugh at the same time.

Staring at the neck tie and the suit I had to iron and imagining the baby I used to cradle in my arms turn overnight into a MAN was something I could hardly fathom. 

How time flew! A smile crept on my countenance as I recalled such precious moments....


~when he still couldn't walk and I had to support his every step~

~the times when he cried and still couldn't verbalize what he wanted and simply held on to me~

~the countless nights of diaper changing and waiting for him to say a word~

~the first days of school, his first friends and crush!~

~and many other things secretly written on this mother's heart~

and then came the dance floor....

"I watched you hold her hands in yours under the pale moonlight and I cried, just a little, just a little because of fright....
that one day you will leave home and be out of sight....
but worry not, this heart is strong enough, 
and loves you so much to understand that one day soon 
and fight your own battles, 
build a home of your own 
and make the woman of your choice, 
like me-a mom.. who loves, truly loves beyond
...this LIFETIME"
~written for every mom, who let go of their son's hearts on prom night this year~


  1. my eldest son is already 24 while my youngest is 14, time flies swiftly, i also get emotional especially now that my eldest son lives away from us due to his job proximity :(

  2. oh dear...i'm sure i'm way too far for this but, i'm sure you'll be a proud mother to see your baby turns out to be a wonderful man/father soon...

  3. Awww.. I can feel you already though I still have a toddler. Oh, they grow so fast! :(

  4. Awww! your poem is so beautiful Sis and that it almost made me cry :-) Yes! kids grow up so fast. My son just turned 11 recently and he is almost as tall as me :-(

  5. the joy and pain of seeing your boy becomes a man, ahhhh, but one thing for sure, this mix of joy and pain also brings a wonderful sense of fulfillment.

  6. Awww! I can hear the echoing sentiments of a mom being a mom myself! I don't have a son though but I am I will feel the same emotions when my girls will become ladies and will go to prom nights as well! :D

  7. ahhhhhh...the stage of life...when a boy becomes a man....watching our kids growing up is so surreal.

  8. Ahhh... the mixed emotions that comes only from a Mom. It must be really an experience having to go through something like this. Sadly, I'll never have the chance to experience such in my lifetime :-(

  9. I feel every word of this Doc Zen as if I am the one who wrote it lol. My son is only 7 but I can already sense what is going to be when I saw him go to a prom.

  10. I think if I have a son or daughter will go to a prom, I would be so happy that I raised him/her into a fine man/woman.

  11. same feeling here too, my son just turned 15, how time flies!

  12. The joys and sacrifices of motherhood! I so love this post, Dokie! I was able to see the other side of you and that's you being a caring and loving Mom to your kids.

  13. Oh boy, he is growing! I just have this same feeling with my littlest son this year, and since he is baby of the house...My feeling was all messed up :)

    Just curious, Zen, why did you abandon the other site?