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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

my collection of headbands and sunglasses in drawers

The other week I finally purchased one of those multipurpose drawers to organize my collection of headbands and sunglasses.

I am such a headband lover though I seldom use them these days. Hearing sad news and learning of people who lost their homes somehow takes away my inspiration to dress up.

In time when the people I care for on the other side of my country gets to pick up the pieces and start anew I just might go out wearing those colorful gems on my head again :)

~joining the rest of the world in prayer and action for the sick and hungry~




  1. I am clothed in comfortable clothing and no accessory nowadays. I just want to live simple, but I do have things like these and need to be more organized.

    We have just gone through many severe storms and tornadoes in the US Midwest, so I know how you feel. Lost of damage and people with no home.

  2. Very clever. I can use an organizer for my headbands.

  3. hmmmm, I've wanted to blog about organizing many times but never happen for several reasons, I don't know which one I do first, I don't want to be judged as shop-a-holic, and I don't want people to know the full extent of my OCD side. LOL

  4. I like that you combined the headbands with the eyeglasses. They do go hand in hand.