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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Each second with our kiddos is a time spent in heaven."- that I feel and believe. It is being with someone 50% us and 50% the one we chose to be with for the rest of our lives. It is amazing how parenthood changes people. There is magic in our kid's smiles and laughter that vanishes all our cares no matter how stubborn and crazy our kids sometimes get they remain number one in our hearts. My "Roel" makes my heart go pitter patter each time I am around him. The shots here were taken around two years ago at a park near the hubby's workplace.

Well, as you can see the boy had an awesome time climbing, rolling and getting inside holes and tubes :)

He is eleven now and time seems to fly too fast. He still asks me to hug him oh so tight at night and to kiss him before he goes to school. Very soon I know I will have to let go of those little hands and let him walk on his own into the HUGE world, but for now I cherish being his beloved and the sole recipient of his boyish grin  :)


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