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Sunday, September 29, 2013


The hubby and I are both working so on weekends we make it a point to spend quality time with the kiddos. This weekend we took them to the city for some pampering. We had their nails cleaned and hairs cut and then had a feast of their favorites! ♥


The pasta and pizza loving Roel chose to eat at Shakey's and we ordered our usual family deal of a pan of pizza, chicken and mojos and a huge serving of spaghetti with two pitchers of iced tea.


As you can see the boy has a whale of an appetite and I am so glad because he is still recovering from flu.


He had two pieces of chicken and left clean bones to wish upon!


When pizza time came he was so full already and claimed to be too tired from eating! I finished off his serving and boy too much food made me feel drowsy! Family day is my official dieting cheat day! because for me the best appetizer is family's love!♥♥♥

As we went home we gave the kids endless words of wisdom...
To be thankful always for the graces we receive...

To love each other and their neighbor as themselves...

To work hard to have a good future and be assets of society...

And to choose a partner in life wisely when the RIGHT time comes...

You bet the last sentence was spoken by me and received a lot of comments from the boys. ♥
They promised this mom's heart they will choose God-fearing and righteous wives someday and that was more than enough to make my weekend PERFECT.

May every home be blessed with LOVE to share!!!

From our humble home to yours...

1 comment:

  1. hehehe, official cheat day indeed!
    geeez, i dare not talk about marrying and all. it scares the hell out of me. LOL