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Sunday, April 21, 2013

a mother's touch

A mother's touch heals all wounds and makes every pain vanish. Certainly not in a flash as with circumcision wounds yet our caring words, endless thoughtfulness could make the phase in our son's life a breeze.

It is a must for every mom whose child is to undergo the procedure to be well informed so she could care for her child in the best way possible.

Being in the medical field I must admit is a gift that I so cherish. Yet somehow it too isn't much of a comfort in times when my own child is the patient. Like normal moms around the world I too freak out when I see my child in pain or hear the slightest sign of discomfort from him. But I am proud to say Roel and I just conquered circumcision, the art that is!

a boy before circumcision 
this was my crying little-big boy yesterday before I cleansed his circumcision wound

A co-worker did the procedure on him while I took over the ER the other day. It was the perfect excuse for me not to deal with my own anxiety and to leave the "boy thing," to the hubby who gladly accompanied our boy to the operating area.  Our older boy was chiding me last week that I should perform the procedure on his brother and he'd watch but I said "oh no, not me!" HAHA...It is a relatively safe minor operation which when properly explained to a consenting adult could be finished in only a few minutes yet in the case of kids there could be much hesitation even though anesthesia, local that is is administered so it is a must to psychologically prepare our kids for the BIG DAY.  My boy was excited weeks before because he so much wanted to finally be "in" among his peers who have already been circumcised the previous year. We would tell him in non-threatening description what would take place while his brother would keep repeating it didn't hurt that much as per his experience. So getting Roel to the hospital wasn't difficult. It was during the procedure that he freaked out according to the hubby. Being the baby in the family must have gotten over him. I asked the hubby to take a photo of his face before, during and after the procedure but the man in him refused :) A huge sigh of relief washed over me when I saw the two of them coming out of the room with my doctor workmate. They were laughing because in his haste my hubby forgot to take off his sterile gown.

Yesterday morning cleansing the boy's wound was quite an ordeal. It took me several minutes to get him to cooperate because he was too fearful it might hurt. Like any mom who wants her child to learn to deal with frustration and pain and not to grow up frail and dependent I mustered all the strength I have to handle the situation as caring yet as realistic as possible. I allowed him to cry and to shriek as much as he can which ended up with him and I and the rest of the household laughing out loud. He asked to apply the antiseptic himself so he could better manage his pain and so he won and the rest of the procedure became a fun event as my boy regained his usual funny self realizing it only hurts a bit "just an ant's little bite" he joked.

mom guiding son to cleanse his wound 
me guiding Roel in cleaning his wound

Me and Roel happily caring for his wound, his kuya (older brother) capturing the moment


Roel biting on a huge yummy apple-guava as a distraction to pain

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin (prepuce) from the human penis. It is medically helpful as studies have proven it prevents occurrence of urinary infections as well as HIV and penile cancer. There are debates as to whether it is more apt to perform the procedure at a time when the person could already decide for himself whether he prefers to be circumcised or not or to perform it during the neonatal period when an advantage is faster healing yet pain could hinder early mother and child bonding. It is not however a  procedure that is routinely performed all over the world. It is a matter of choice.

Back in the day, our dads and granddads used to tell us the story of their BIG DAY as one spent near a river where they were made to bath to have their foreskins ready, softened and numbed by water  in groups usually around the age of eleven and twelve. An elderly man would cut off their foreskin with a sharpened piece of wood or a knife while they chewed on guava leaves which they would later apply on the wound for antiseptic. Gee, I am so glad my boy wasn't born in that era. But then again their lives used to be a lot more simple and gay. Thanks to advancement in science and medicine complications from a simple circumcision is close to nil.

These days in the country there are many government and non-governmental organizations or health care professionals offering free circumcision for those who could not afford to have their child undergo the procedure in a medical facility. The advantage of it is that because it is a mass circumcision, the kids will better deal with their anxiety having their buddies around. Our older child had his circumcision at an organized surgical mission of the National Police regional office. It went very well for him. So it really is a matter of choice.

One mustn't undergo the procedure under several circumstances like having a serious bleeding disorder when the wound could cause massive blood lost as well as when the child has a standing medical condition which could be aggravated by the procedure or inborn abnormalities in the anatomy of his organ which would require further evaluation. As a rule one must consult experts and only entrust their child's care to certified and trained healthcare professionals.

boy after circumcision 
my brave, circumcised happy boy

The healing period takes around seven to ten days....my boy and I have around five more days to go...keeping him well hydrated and eating nutritious foods and wearing loose comfortable clothes and wonderfully distracted from the pain and giving him antibiotics and pain reliever on time...in time this will be over and done with hurray!

Happy "mommying" to all!



  1. yey! happy mommying!!! baby R is now officially a BIG BOY! way to go, Roel!

  2. our only boy was circumcised along with his cousin. so, i guess, having a company lessened the anxiety, the fear. Can't forget the day they went home from the clinic, holding their bermuda shorts so as to keep the fabric from touching the wound. and, boy! the way they walk. they we're both smiling and have said in chorus, "di naman masakit" :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS to Roel for being a full-pledged young man. Job well done Mommy. You somehow ease the pain your growing boy felt.

  4. Congratulations Roel! Brave happy boy. Mom knows best talaga kung pano pasayahin ang anak.

  5. No Pain ..No Gain. Congrats young man.

  6. awwwwwww....what a great stepping stone for him...congratulations buddy!

  7. Good thing Mommy is there to comfort him. I think that's one reason why they do the circumcision upon birth over here in the US so that they won't suffer much.. I mean, mas maskit siguro if malaki na ang bata..

  8. When my own son underwent the same procedure last year, I told him that men were luckier since they had to undergo this physical pain just once unlike us women who have to go through pain several times in giving birth. That convinced him that he was in a much better circumstances than her female friends.

  9. aww, congrats to Roel, now a happy man, err, happier boy :) so love the priceless expressions in his face.

  10. I know it is definitely summer because this is the third published article (including mine) in a span of 2 days that talks about circumcision. LOL!

    Congratulations to you, handsome young man. As they say, circumcision is a rite of passage for all Filipino males. Salute! ;-)

  11. It is done Roel. You're such a brave young man. Don't worry, mommy's there to comfort you.

  12. Awww! don't worry baby :) your Mommy is there to protect and help you feel better with your circumcision :) hope the wounds will heal very soon :) just relax and let Momies care and love heal it :) My son had circumcision when he was a month old :) He is now ten :)


  13. Wow! Congratulation Baby Roel, you did wonderful in there! Me? i just have to wait for maybe a decade before i could finally share my own experience with my little man Destine! and talking about anxiety just thinking of this procedure i am already shivering inside as i also imagining as early as now how it felt when my little man's BIG DAY will come too... Meantime, let me withdraw those thoughts yet and I would rely on anesthesia to work best in time :)

  14. My boys' circumcisions were done when they were a day or two old..but I remembered the feeling of unease, fear, and frustration to see such painful wound.

    Wishing Roel fast healing!!