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Monday, March 4, 2013

    IMG_1030 It doesn't seem like eleven years. I could still picture myself with the baby bump on my way to medical internship and munching on sour fruits early in the morning and sleeping on my way home and struggling to juggle my career beginnings with that of conceiving a precious child. Eventually I had to stop temporarily from going on twenty-four hour duty every three days because my health was being compromised. My hard-headed side got my blood pressure rising early in the pregnancy. I remember concerned intern-mates cautioning me about my high fat, high sodium diet then which I did not heed until it was almost too late.

     At around 24 weeks I had nose bleeding that sent the mom in me into panic mode. My OB-Gyne, Dr. WEA the sweetest ever advised me to go on leave. I was maintained on anti-hypertensive medication and was closely monitored. I struggled to make each day cheerful despite my condition because I knew somehow the baby would be affected by a mom's emotional seesaw. I was told at the start that if my condition worsens, the pregnancy might be terminated if only to save my life. Looking back now I still shed tears of sadness at what could have been a tragic event in my life. God is always good and he sent angels my way who helped me through it all. My loving parents, the best brother, mother and sister-in-law, cousins, aunts and uncles, a loving husband, the best of friends and the most magnificent of doctors, Dr. WEA, Dr. NRR, Dr. CMO and Dr. GAM.   We might have been just one of those patients they may not recall yet their goodness at heart is something I will always be grateful for.

     Each night I would run my hand through my belly and talk to my unborn child of so many things beyond imagination. "Hang in there child, please hang in there," I'd gently whisper in between sobs. Two weeks before my due date alas I again had nose-bleeding and my blood pressure shoot up. I called my OB who told me to get myself to the hospital for monitoring and possible induced delivery. I was put into labor with the aid of medicine and each minute seemed like ages as I felt contraction per contraction getting longer and more painful. The thought of seeing my little one's face and hearing his first cry kept me strong. Family and friends were praying for me I knew.

 After several hours of labor it happened. Another child having my genes and owning all the love in my heart was healthily born. His dad named him "Roel". 

...and on the first day of the second month of the year we celebrated his 11th year on planet Earth as he would jokingly put it...

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="426"]Image raising his hands with joy on his 11th birthday[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="355"]Image Roel with the best of his friends[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_240" align="aligncenter" width="456"]100CANON a memorable celebration with family and friends, missing and thinking of mama/grandma Rose from across the miles[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="554"]Image my grown up little boy having the time of his life....jump shot courtesy of tita Choi[/caption]

Needless to say my boy had the grandest time. The family fondly calls him "liit" /little because he was a bit tiny as a baby but on his 11th birthday he requested for all of us to stop calling him little because he is all grown up! ♥♥ It was his birthday and no one could say no to his request. The jumping went on on our bed until he fell soundly asleep.

I go to sleep tonight praying for all the moms with difficult pregnancies and all the sick kids in the world as well as the orphaned. I pray for all the health workers, all parents young and old. I pray for all of you who have love to share for children and who  remain kids at heart.

[caption id="attachment_241" align="aligncenter" width="180"]27772_123664174332401_100000664575735_181175_5331857_a special thanks to my medical internship buddies, Dr. Arlene and Dr. Melmar[/caption]

from a working mom's heart



  1. Got so teary-eyed reading this sis...cheers to one of the best moms I know...

  2. teary eyed here... didn't know you had difficult pregnancy with Roel. naalala ko tuloy nung nabuntis ako kay K... God is a God of wonders and indeed, Roel is not "liit" anymore. he is now a younger version of yourself.

    i am so like you... i silently pray for pregnant women and for those who wishes to conceived but had difficulty doing so... i randomly pray for construction workers when i passed by a construction site. i know it's off topic but i am blessed to have a twinzy and a fellow prayer warrior. loveyew!!!

  3. teary eyed here too Zen, did not know what you had been through when you carried Roel in your womb, now, the words that you shared to me about how very careful you are with your diet, not eating even the so tempting "lechon skin" and "crispy chicken skin" have more depth to me, for you had been through a very tough situation, almost a matter of life and death, and you learned your lessons through that, but God is so great, He gave you Roel and now, look at how happy and thoughtful he had become.

  4. Indeed, your little one is now a big boy! Parang kelan lang, 11th birthday na niya. It's amazing how moms, like you, love their children with all their heart. Kahit big boy na, still the want of baby-ing them is there. I can't relate yet kasi wala pa akong kids but I'm sure all parents want to spend great time with their children, especially when these little ones grow up fast.

  5. I feel the pain that you had been through as I read your post although I haven`t experience being pregnant yet. But after the pain I believe it`s all nothing as you first held your little angel 11 years ago.

  6. Belated happy birthday to your little man sis. I love the jumpshot and Oh hpw I miss that kind of hotdog hehehe.

  7. Roel is really so cute, and special, and I wish I will meet him and F one day. so love always how he endears himself to you, just shows how much special you are to him and how much he loves you of course as much as you do :) love the shots here Zen, the happiness in each pic, glad Roel had such a wonderful and happy birthday celebration.

  8. I’m teary-eyed! What a successful delivery that was! I can actually relate because I was induced in my second pregnancy, too, because of pre-eclampsia. Now, I can just smile and be thankful for it.

    Your son is amazing and very lucky for having you and your husband as his parents!

  9. Kids grow up so fast and we never know they're big and doesn't like our hugs and kisses.

  10. belated, wow they grow up so fast that you wouldn't notice how fast they've been growing..we can only look back to the memories of the past...

  11. Every time I get irritated by own mother, I just always think of how hard it is for her to have in her belly for 9 long months. You mothers are truly heroes! <3

  12. me too. i got teary-eyed reading this post. i can share your sentiment. i had almost difficulty with my third pregnancy that my OB suggested I go on a three-day bed rest. i was stubborn and did not obey. by the 2nd day i got this bleeding and was sent to bed for a month.
    so, you are on medication (hypertensive) during your pregnancy?

  13. sis, i was preeclamptic on both pregnancies.. the last one i had postpartum bleeding spent 24hours in ICU.. i share your sentiments.. i chose not to go on residency just to make sure i see my children grow and become good persons in the future.. worth living for :-)

  14. i could relate much with the strings and wonders of mommyhood, Zen, and i say we're blessed to have been picked to be moms. but u know i still imagine u as college stude hehe most esp that your looks haven't changed d least hehe