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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Preparing my son's Prom Night garb was one of the most difficult part of this lifetime subject I am enrolled in- MOTHERHOOD. I am learning everyday and trying my best each waking morning to pass each test, answer each question with all the love and caring in the world.

 I never thought his Prom night would stir so many emotions in me that made me cry and laugh at the same time.

Staring at the neck tie and the suit I had to iron and imagining the baby I used to cradle in my arms turn overnight into a MAN was something I could hardly fathom. 

How time flew! A smile crept on my countenance as I recalled such precious moments....


~when he still couldn't walk and I had to support his every step~

~the times when he cried and still couldn't verbalize what he wanted and simply held on to me~

~the countless nights of diaper changing and waiting for him to say a word~

~the first days of school, his first friends and crush!~

~and many other things secretly written on this mother's heart~

and then came the dance floor....

"I watched you hold her hands in yours under the pale moonlight and I cried, just a little, just a little because of fright....
that one day you will leave home and be out of sight....
but worry not, this heart is strong enough, 
and loves you so much to understand that one day soon 
and fight your own battles, 
build a home of your own 
and make the woman of your choice, 
like me-a mom.. who loves, truly loves beyond
...this LIFETIME"
~written for every mom, who let go of their son's hearts on prom night this year~

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My son Roel has become a gardening enthusiast. All thanks to his school teacher on agriculture stuff and an uncle who likewise loves to plant. I shared with you their vegetable garden earlier and now after only a few weeks, the string beans is supplying us with long, healthy yummy veggie treats!

Roel happily harvesting string beans
Roel happily harvesting string beans

It is awesome how one seed could magically turn into something that nourishes our body. Roel remains amazed and is looking forward to more gardening adventure! I am too! Join us!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The devastation caused by the typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has affected not only a few cities and houses in the Philippines but the majority of the Visayas region where the death counts has now reached thousands and number of families affected now millions.

A conscious effort is now being undertaken by the Davao Bloggers Society and Filipino Bloggers Forum to join the relief operations by raising a total of P100,000.00 to finance and produce 1,000 hygiene packs for the victims. Each kit costing to PHP100 or USD2.50 will contain toiletries and other essential goods for a week's use of one person. Hygiene kits were chosen to be donated as this is something that is not yet prioritized by many donors.

 photo HygieneKit2_zps351ce325.jpg
Each kit will contain the following:

For MALES – Total Cost: PhP95.60

•60g Soap

•Weekly pack Shampoo – 8 sachets x 4 mL each

•3 packs of 30 g Toothpaste


•40 Pulls Pop Up Tissue

•10 g Cotton

•75 mL Alcohol

•2 x 3 mL Deolotion

•12 mL Insect repellant

•Resealable Zip Bag

For FEMALES – Total Cost: PhP100.00

•60g Soap

•Weekly pack Shampoo – 8 sachets x 4 mL each

•3 packs of 30 g Toothpaste


•40 Pulls Pop Up Tissue

•10 g Cotton

•75 mL Alcohol

•2 x 3 mL Deolotion

•12 mL Insect repellant

•2 pcs Sanitary Napkins

•Resealable Zip Bag

If you are from Davao City and you wish to help or join the campaign, you may donate in cash (please seal in an envelope) or in kind (preferably hygiene products found in the list/picture) to:

Mam Bebs Bakery

CVA Building, CM Recto Street, Davao City

(fronting City Triangle, adjacent to Ateneo Claveria Gate)

Mondays- Fridays, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

If you are living outside the Philippines, you may send your donations via Paypal to:

or simply click on the button below to donate using your credit or debit card:

Pledges for donation will be received until December 7, 2013. Please feel free to contact bloggersforreliefPH@gmail.com for all your inquiries and questions.

We are also asking donors to write down a positive message or words of encouragement (or email to us messages) for the recipients, one for every P100 donated, to be inserted in each kit.You may also include it as message when sending your Paypal donations.

Please also help us disseminate this information to those who are willing to help and contribute. You may share or link this post to your social media accounts with hashtags #bloggersforReliefPH #YolandaPH. Please LIKE Bloggers for Relief PH Facebook for more updates.

All kits and other donations will be turned over to Ateneo de Davao University for distribution.

Bangon, Pilipinas!

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another” -Charles Dickens

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

my collection of headbands and sunglasses in drawers

The other week I finally purchased one of those multipurpose drawers to organize my collection of headbands and sunglasses.

I am such a headband lover though I seldom use them these days. Hearing sad news and learning of people who lost their homes somehow takes away my inspiration to dress up.

In time when the people I care for on the other side of my country gets to pick up the pieces and start anew I just might go out wearing those colorful gems on my head again :)

~joining the rest of the world in prayer and action for the sick and hungry~


"Each second with our kiddos is a time spent in heaven."- that I feel and believe. It is being with someone 50% us and 50% the one we chose to be with for the rest of our lives. It is amazing how parenthood changes people. There is magic in our kid's smiles and laughter that vanishes all our cares no matter how stubborn and crazy our kids sometimes get they remain number one in our hearts. My "Roel" makes my heart go pitter patter each time I am around him. The shots here were taken around two years ago at a park near the hubby's workplace.

Well, as you can see the boy had an awesome time climbing, rolling and getting inside holes and tubes :)

He is eleven now and time seems to fly too fast. He still asks me to hug him oh so tight at night and to kiss him before he goes to school. Very soon I know I will have to let go of those little hands and let him walk on his own into the HUGE world, but for now I cherish being his beloved and the sole recipient of his boyish grin  :)

     Yesterday I finally made a decision. I chose to keep only one job because such a decision will allow me to spend more time with my kids. I think I could never trade waking up to see them smiling at me as they leave the house for school with material wealth. Their soft kisses and "I love you moms" as they would tease each other down the path to our wooden gate with promises to come home at once is a bliss that I treasure most. As I type now, the younger one is playing with penguins on their computer, a privilege he earned when he did good in a school presentation the hubby and I attended amid a chaotic work schedule. Parenthood, its tests and joys is beyond compare.

kids raising hands at sunset

      I had the chance to view our son Roel's poem recitation during the "Buwan ng Wika" celebration in their school.The hubby and I were freaking out  before his turn to speak because we knew him too well, or so we thought and were imagining the worst case scenario, him forgetting what to say and probably walking out hahaha, turned out we did a good job rehearsing his piece at home to our great relief. And like every parent who watches his child onstage we were proud as proud can be of his achievement and made sure our child realized how we felt.


     Our teenage son just came home from camping yesterday and had to rush a project in social studies. A scrap book on family, dreams and hopes. We had some sort of an argument about the materials he would be using because as always he was late in telling me he needed them and wanted me to produce those items in the blink of an eye. I told him in an irritated tone I am not a magician. I must admit at times I do lose my temper dealing with the teenage boy but in a flash when I remember reading somewhere that the adolescent stage is a stage where parents and children almost always fail to understand each other; I  regain my composure and all the love I have for my child come flooding back making me once more that mother who cares and understands her child no matter what. The hubby was quick to intervene and the house was filled with laughter the moment he opened his mouth making a huge joke about the piggy teenage boy and the piggy mom debate. 

what I want to be when I grow up

This morning I found his finished product on the computer and had a beaming smile as I read on his  dream. "In the future I would love to become a doctor like my mom so I could heal the sick especially the poor who do not have the resources to seek medical consult." You bet, I was teary eyed. I took the time to gaze at the sky, look at the clouds and say to myself, "you certainly made the right choice Zen"...:-)

"May every child's noble dream come true for it will change the world into a better place."


from my humble world to yours



Saturday, November 16, 2013

The boy has gone to dreamland before me today. As always he hugs his favorite blanket to his neck. As you may have guessed, I put the stuffed toy beside him for cinematic effect.
As I lay here listening to crickets sing I still can not help but feel the anguish of moms who lost their kids during the onslought of super typhoon Haiyan.
With all of you I pray...
That they may find peace in the thought that they now have angels watching over them... and that God has a great plan in His perfect time...
I am closing my eyes in awhile and dreaming of happy days for the now grieving and hopeless...
For Even sorrow has its end.